Sea urns in our shop – urns for sea burials

A sea burial needs a sea urn. Our sea urns meet all required specifications. Our sea urns are mostly made from cellulose, salt, or sulphides to dissolve in water very quickly and to release the ashes. Normally, sea urns dissolve completely within 12-24 hours.
However, our sea urns are in no way inferior to organic urns regarding their elegance and beauty. As well as the familiar round urn shape, we offer box formed sea urns as a "stone for eternity" and as a symbol of eternal rest in the sea, and there are many other sea urns in our assortment. Furthermore, there are a number of handpainted motifs on some of our sea urns. So there is hopefully something for every taste. And, as one would expect, all of our sea urns comply with standards and are ecologically safe.