Marble urns – the durable and noble choice

Our marble urns are cut from the best carefully selected marble and other high-quality stones. The processing of these materials demands the highest precision and can only be carried out by experts with experience. Like other natural products, every stone is unique, and therefore it needs to be carefully processed by hand.

High-quality materials in combination with elaborate handwork offer lovely, durable and timeless storage for the ashes of your loved ones.

These are no ordinary urns. If you decide upon this urn, you’ll be choosing the most exclusive urn for a cremation.

Naturally, these urns are durable and weatherproof – like the stones they are made from. They are especially suitable for columbariums (urn walls), for the garden, or for the house. In Switzerland, our customers prefer our marble urns; they tell us regularly how perfectly these urns blend in their living rooms.

But whether you choose the living room, the garden, or another special place, is ultimately up to you.