Beautiful hand-painted biodegradable sea urn for water burial

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Beautiful hand-painted biodegradable sea urn for water burial lovely country bench over lake scene

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 33 cm


Ash Capsule

Suitable for ash capsule

Type of funeral

Burial, Burial at sea, Cremation




Blue, Green


A beautifully hand-painted biodegradable sea urn for human ashes. Overall it boasts lovely shades of green, blue and brown. Indeed, the image is a stunning waterside scene depicting somewhere to sit and reflect. Arguably, this artwork is conveys loss and sadness, along with the beauty of nature. Surely, it will resonate with those who have lost a loved-one. What’s more, created on a water soluble urn this image suggests time to reflect. Quite simply, place it into water with scattered ashes.

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