Painting sets in our shop – design urns on your own

Our urn painting set is perfect for giving your urn a very personal touch. Moreover, the designing of the urn is a nice opportunity to say a personal and meaningful farewell.

White Vale urns for self-design with painting set

Shiny organic urns with colours for self-painting

Urn painting sets with wax crayons

Alternatively, we also offer personal urn engravings.

The urn painting sets with wax crayons are very popular to include children into the mourning process. The personal touch of the children gives a feeling of warmth and love. But the sets for adults are not only intended to be used by artists. The urn painting sets are especially intended to support the process of saying farewell. If you prefer a simpler urn, you could maybe choose a personal urn engraving. Words have their own effect and can be as meaningful as a picture.