Burial at sea - fulfilling the last requests of your loved one

For many, being buried at sea is an important part of their last requests. If you loved one had the opportunity to be involved in their funeral plans before they passed away, they may have insisted that their ashes were released into the ocean, giving them the freedom to travel the world on the high seas after death. You might not have considered the practicalities of this, but at Mementi Urrns, we have come up with an eco-friendly way to ensure those last requests are honoured.

Dissolvable urns - the sea urn

We have produced a range of beautiful sea urns that are ideal for sea burials. Rather than emptying the urn directly into the sea, you can toss the whole urn overboard and watch as it starts to dissolve in water, setting the ashes free. There is no lasting trace of the urn on the environment and you are not left with an empty urn and no where to keep it. It is the perfect way to say goodbye.

Waiting until you're ready

While our water soluble urns are not ideal for long-term storage, they do provide a robust and sturdy place for you to keep the ashes until you are ready to distribute them. Perhaps you are planning a big family fishing trip where you would like to throw the ashes amongst everyone who loved the deceased, or maybe you have a cruise booked and you would like to take the dearly departed on one last holiday at sea. Whether you have big plans, or just want to walk to the end of a pier and throw the ashes by yourself, the urn will keep your ashes safe until the time comes.


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 sea urn  - gull beach ship funeral urns

sea urn with coast art - avalibel in our urn shop



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