The Tree Trunk Urn: The Most Natural Wooden UrnHB28A05 Baumstammurne aus Pappel Holz

When we lose a loved one, the plans for the funeral can be rather overwhelming. More and more people are choosing to cremate their deceased family members, often because it is more financially viable, but also because of the different presentation options that are available. Choosing an urn is a very personal decision, and it can be hard to choose between ceramic, wooden, metal and artistic products. At the same time, there is a new generation of urns known as bio-urns. Made to have a positive impact on the environment, biodegradable urns are becoming ever more popular.

A particularly unique and interesting version of the bio-urn is the classic and elegant tree-trunk urn.

The idea behind the tree-trunk urn

de HB2804 1 holzurne Holzstamm weide Urne aus holz Holzurnen urnen kaufenThe idea was simple: we wanted to create an urn that was both aesthetically pleasing and as close to its natural state as possible. Wood is one of the best materials to use for biodegradable products, but this has been kept as organic as possible. No oils, varnishes or adhesives were used in the urn's production.

Our chosen trees include alder, birch, beech, poplar and willow, all of which have been cut and then stored for two years. A carpenter then hollows out the inside so there is space to store the human ashes, but the outside is completely untouched. This makes for a completely natural finish and an urn that is unique and handsome. 

More than just a wooden urn

Just like every person and every tree, the tree-trunk urn is completely unique. The special form and integrity of the wood is preserved, so that it is as close to nature as possible. The bark acts as both the decoration and protective cover for the ashes, and the natural grain ensures that no urn is the same as another. You could end up with the unique charm of a birch tree or the mossy bark of an alder.

In order to best promote variety and individuality, we offer many different varieties of tree trunk.


Our selection of tree urns

You will find the below in our Shop.

  • Willow wood urns– Gracefully beautiful
  • Beechwood urns - Grown on a world UNESCO site
  • Birchwood urns -  Named the Tree of the Year 2000
  • Oak wood urns – Rustic and timeless
  • Alder wood urns - Popular and stunning.

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