The Biodegradable Urn by Nona Mela

sunflower urn for human asehs - urns from nona mela

Nona Mela Funeral Urns for Human Ashes

Nona Mela is a recent addition to our team. Before she started to design our biodegradable urns, she was active in the designing of flowers and small keepsakes from wood. Choosing sustainable raw materials was always an important part of her concept, allowing her to respect and represent her deep love of nature. Therefore, Nona Mela decided to work with Memeni Urns and use our selection of biodegradable funeral urns for human ashes for her stunning designs. All funeral urns from Nona are made out of a material called liquid timber which is a 100% biodegradable. These biodegradable urns are similar to our wooden urns and therefore were the right choice for her.

A biodegradable urn in floral decoration

Nona Mela´s art includes modern urn designs as well as classic urns with timeless charm. All of our organic wooden urns are painted to reflect their nature in many variations. Sunflower urns, urns with poppies or just a simple stylised flower on a cream-coloured urn are some of our more striking designs. This flower reference has always been within the designs of Nona Mela, and is particularly expressed in the urn “Tree of True Love" or in "Universe". The "Tree of True Love" represents the fundamental and never-ending bond between a pair, which cannot be separated by death. The biodegradable urn "Universe", however, refers more to the overall picture and is reminiscent of our origins, which began and will end as stardust in the universe. Pastel shades, sky blue and cream are a reflection of the consistent but also diverse stylistic mark of Nona Mela’s funeral urns for human ashes.


Funeral Services and the Use of a Biodegradable Urn

biodegradable urn for human ashes univers space from nona mela

All our Nona Mela biodegradable urns are super durable and perfectly suitable for burial or forest funerals. You can store them in an urn wall (columbarium) or keep them at home until you are ready to scatter the ashes. Your choice of urn lies simply in your favourite design and it is important you choose one that you like and that you think represents the nature of your recently departed loved-one. Sometimes it is not that simple and none of our pre-painted designs will fit the bill. In that case, Nona Mela and Mementi urns can help you create a personalised, bespoke urn.

Personalised Urns for Human Ashes

If the design of a biodegradable urn doesn’t suit you, or you want a different urn material, Nona Mela can help you design a funeral urn to your personal wishes. It is not unusual for people to want to prepare their own funeral and purchase their urn in advance. With enough time to make the right selection, the funeral urn can have a perfect, truly personalised design.


funeral urn poppy - urns poppy design by nona mela


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