White Pet Urn Painting Set

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 23 cm
Ash Capsule

Not suitable for ash capsule






bio material

Type of funeral

Burial, Columbarium, Cremation


2 Liter


This biodegradable white pet urn is the perfect choice to preserve the special memories of your beloved pet. This biodegradable urn is nicely designed by skilled artisans to ensure that your pet’s treasured remains are treated to a befitting final resting place.

With its pleasant design, the pearly-white urn is easily customizable to taste with colouring pencils, which comes with the package, for sentimental designs and affectionate illustrations. These affectionate designs accompany the pet on its journey to the next realm. Above all, choosing this pearly-white pet urn helps minimize environmental impact while still offering the lovely memorial that your pet deserves.

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