Biodegradable Urn

Funeral urns - Art urn - mountains and lake

Biodegradable urn for ashes with a hand... 

(-) 335,00 €

Glossy Blue Biodegradable Urn

Glossy cerulean blue biodegradable urn 

(-) 90,00 €

Sunflower Funeral Urn

Sky blue biodegradable funeral urn with... 

(-) 190,00 €

Arctic White Biodegradable Urn

Traditional biodegradable urn in pure... 

(-) 130,00 €

Glossy White Biodegradable Urn With Butterfly

Glossy white biodegradable urn with... 

() 297,50 €

Rose Red Vale Funeral Urn

Elegant rose-red biodegradable urn for... 

(-) 115,00 €

Olive Green Vale Funeral Urn

Elegant olive green biodegradable urn... 

(-) 115,00 €

Ebony Black Vale Funeral Urn

Stylish ebony black biodegradable urn... 

(-) 115,00 €

Biodegradable urn glossy white gold mottled

Biodegradable urn Glossy White Gold -... 

(-) 145,00 €

biodegradable urn copper metallic

Biodegradable urn with copper metallic... 

 145,00 €

sea urn sleeping angel

funeral urn for sea burial sea with... 

(-) 320,00 €

sea urn sunset with sailing boat

funeral urn for sea burial sailing boat  

(-) 325,00 €

Red Poppy Funeral Urn

Biodegradable funeral urn with red... 

(-) 190,00 €

Creamy White Rose Funeral Urn

Creamy white biodegradable funeral urn... 

(-) 190,00 €

The Universe Funeral Urn

Biodegradable funeral urn with a... 

(-) 190,00 €

Midnight Blue Vale Funeral Urn

Elegant blue biodegradable urn for... 

(-) 115,00 €

Sapphire Black Marbled Funeral Urn

biodegradable funeral urn marbled in... 

() 95,00 €

Natural Vale Funeral Urn

Elegant biodegradable urn for human... 

(-) 115,00 €

Vale White Funeral Urn with Decorative Cord

Ivory white biodegradable urn for human... 

(-) 139,00 €

Ivory White Funeral Urn with Bright Sunflower Design

Ivory white biodegradable urn for human... 

(-) 139,00 €

Steel Grey Vale Funeral Urn

Elegant steel grey biodegradable urn... 

(-) 115,00 €

Funeral urn VALE pink rose

biodegradable urn for human ashes -... 

(-) 149,00 €

Glossy Black Biodegradable Urn

Glossy black biodegradable urn  

(-) 90,00 €

Glossy White Biodegradable Urn

Smooth, glossy biodegradable urn  

(-) 87,00 €

Ivory White Vale Funeral Urn

Sleek ivory white biodegradable urn for... 

(-) 93,00 €

Funeral Urn Painting Set - Glossy White

Our Funeral Urn Painting Set includes... 

(-) 89,00 €
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