Make Your Own Unique and Personal Urns

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always hard, and we know that every detail matters at the final farewell. The design of the urn for cremation is especially important, as it will be the last resting place for the dearly departed. For friends and relatives, the urn design will stick in their mind forever, as the final time they will ever lay eyes on their loved one, and so it should honour their memory and pay homage to their character.

So why not design your own urn?Vale Urne Malset

At Mementi, we have a huge range of urns to choose from, made with a variety of materials for different occasions and with beautiful, poignant designs. But we know that it is impossible to cater for all tastes, and so, if you can't find anything fitting in our store, we would like to invite you to design your own. Our sets are really easy to use and allow you to express your love and grief in a useful and creative way.

Our product range at a glance

  • Paint-Your-Own Vale Urn
  • Paint-Your-Own Glossy Organic Urn
  • Colour-Your-Own Urn with Crayons
  • Personal Urn Captions

Make Your Own Urn - A final personal gift for your loved one

Designing an urn is so much more than simply decoration - it is a chance to express your love for the deceased, celebrating your connection and their personality, and showing the world how much they meant to you.

  • Freedom of Design: When you design an urn yourself, anything goes! You can create an intricate design or keep it simple and classy. Bright and colourful, or dark and muted. Create an urn that your loved one would have been proud of.
  • Great for Children:  Young children don't always understand death and the idea of saying goodbye to someone. Having them decorate the urn gives them a connection to the deceased and makes it easier for them to work through grief.
  • Various Forms: Our kits are available in all shapes and sizes, giving you a greater variety of choice.
  • Organic Urns: We are particularly proud of our organic range, since they are biodegradable and can be buried along with the ashes. Paint your own organic urn and your loved one will be helping to enrich the environment.
  • Selection of Colours: Our kits come with all sorts of colours, and in a choice of crayon or acrylic paint. We have selected the best paints for each urn for a long-lasting, professional finish.
  • Urn Letters: If you don't want to do the writing on the urn yourself, you can simply paint your design and then use our urn letters to create your choice of text. This often makes for a stylish design that is unique and tidy.

Any Questions?

Malset bio blank schwarz pinsel und acryl 2Feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We can let you know all about our products, prices and the ordering process.

If you are an undertaker interested in our urn painting sets, please contact us. Your customers are sure to love the opportunity to be creative by designing their own urn. Take a look at our information for undertakers.





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