Biodegradable Urns are Unique Urns

Biodegradable urns: unique and customisable

Biodegradable urns come in many shapes and sizes, and few limits are put on the production process, making for an urn that is always unique and interesting. Each piece is polished to a smooth finish, so that our designers can paint beautiful and poignant images on them for you to enjoy. In fact, our biodegradable urns are a favourite of COMAR and Nona Mela, and you will find their designs on the majority of our biodegradable urns. 

For those who would like the opportunity to paint their own urns, we offer a number of plain biodegradable options, allowing you to express your love and grief through the final resting place of the dearly departed.

Biologiche Urne rot

Bio urn in tranditional shape - colour: royal red

Wide Variety of Biodegradable Urns

Due to the flexibility of a biodegradable urn, there are lots of different types on the market. Our customers do usually prefer the traditional urn shape, and if you want to include an ash capsule, this form is recommended. For other types of urn, like the marble urn in the picture, we would use a cloth to smash the ashes.

Liquid wood - the magic ingredient in our biodegradable urns

At Mementi, we use a product known as 'liquid wood' to cast our biodegradable urns. It is created using a moulding process that ensures the end result is still made of 100% biodegradable material that acts like wood. We consider our biodegradable urns to be a modern upgrade of the traditional urn and even the paints we use are made of natural materials. The final product is made up of completely biodegradable colours and liquid wood, making it ideal for natural burials.

 Bio Urn - Forest from the art urn collection

funeral urn - autumn forest

Buy biodegradable urns

You will find our biodegradable urns at your local undertaker or you can order them online in our Online Shop

You might prefer to look at our other natural urns, such as our sea urns for water burials, which are always very popular.


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