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Wooden Urns for Ashes – The Personal Choicetree trunk urn for human ashes

Anyone who has chosen cremation after losing a loved one, wants a very special funeral urn. Wooden urns are a natural, respectful option, especially for those who loved the environment. These can be easily and individually labelled or decorated to ensure they are personalised exactly how you would wish. Our painted wooden urns for human ashes are particularly well suited for storage within funeral boxes called Columbaria. These funeral urns are completely biodegradable and are therefore ideal for use in forest funerals. This makes them an extremely environmentally friendly choice and emphasises a love of nature in which to lay your loved-one to rest.

Our Range of Wooden Urns for Human Ashes

Our wooden urns are available in three variations, all of which are individual and unique.

Untreated wood urns 

This choice of wooden urn is simple and sensuous. These are for people who like to see the raw and natural beauty of the wood, without any embellishment. Our tree trunk urn is a great example.

Lacquered or painted wood urns

Our painted urns for human ashes have various shapes and features. The lacquers are shiny and the designs have an elegant effect.

 Root wood urns

Root wood urns represent a much more unusual option. Made out of a single root, they are unique and different depending on the plant they are made out of. Hand-crafted, these root wood urns are truly unique and individual as only a loved-one can be.


Why a wooden urn?

The cycle of nature and life can best be symbolised by a wooden urn, because wood is planted, it grows and it falls.

Wooden urns are a personal choice and have one very special property – they feel warm and alive to touch, and not cold like the metal urns, for example. Due to the natural materials involved in our wooden urns, they harmonically blend into the decaying process, which can be a huge relief in the grieving process.

The wooden material represents the warmth of nature, giving one last loving feeling to the deceased. The love that can be shown with a wooden urn is incomparable and therefore more than worthy for the final journey of your loved one.

root wood urn