Elegant Stardust-blue Biodegradable Cremation Urn

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Elegant Stardust-blue Biodegradable Cremation Urn

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 cm
Ash Capsule

Suitable for ash capsule




bio material

Type of funeral

Burial, Columbarium, Cremation


The stardust-blue biodegradable cremation urn is an elegant adult urn, with sparkles in the paint to add a glowing shimmer to its appearance. Complementing its simple and subtle design, the urn’s oval shape also adds to its perceptible gentle allure.

Made from high-quality biodegradable materials, your loved one’s precious remains are safe and securely stored in the biodegradable urn through its threaded lid. This urn designed for an adult-size ash remain is a result of great craftsmanship from seasoned experts, and it is exclusive to Mementi’s special collection.

Why should you choose this Urn?

  • Sparkling finish
  • High-quality biodegradable material
  • Adult size


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