Wooden urns in our shop – Information about urns made from wood

Wooden urns are urns made from wood. They are suitable for columbariums and regular burials.

There are different kinds of wooden urns: Tree trunk urns, root wood urns or “regular” wooden urns. Most of the wooden urns have a rounded form with a smooth look. You can buy the wooden urn as a rounded wooden urn, as a cubic urn, or with a cylinder shape. Themed wooden urns – like bowling urns, bicycle urns, or urns with reference to your football team – are also possible. It’s up to you if the wooden urns are black varnished or if they are oiled.

If you wish for a more natural form, maybe have a look at our root wood urns with their unique design. Depending on the root, their looks can be completely different. This individual touch and unique character make root wood urns very appealing.

Tree trunk urns are also very individual. They are not only called tree trunk urns, but they are indeed made from a piece of tree trunk. It’s a "wood and nature" theme. A wooden urn made from the tree trunk of a birch with its white colour and its rounded form is the perfect example.

But we also offer square and quadratic wooden urns. Not everyone loves curves! No matter which form you decide for, wooden urns are a wonderful choice!