Organic Urns Shop – Information about organic urns

Organic urns are made from organic materials, and are therefore 100% biodegradable. But the design also plays a key role – because the urn is supposed to be eye catching during the obsequies, and it should also designed be in accordance to the deceased’s character.

Biodegradable urns from Mementi are specially made from ‘liquid wood’. That means 100% organic materials on a wooden base, but yet, it has a wonderfully smooth surface. By using special natural colours, the organic urns at Mementi have a very unique look. But if you prefer more individuality, please have a look at our artistic urns; which are also organic, but with a very special design. The urns from Comar and Nona Mela are also organic.

People often ask about biodegradable urns or rather decomposable urns – not only for natural or sea burials, but also for regular burials. The organic urn decomposes over time, and the ashes return to the soil and the cycle of life. Everything is given back to nature!